Get your muscles buffed out

  • before a workout

  • after a workout

  • just to feel relaxed.

Say Goodbye to sore muscles!
For only $20

The best parts about getting a body buff:

~ Perfect to warm up the muscles

~ Strong vibrations reach deep tissues without pain or major discomfort

~ No need to undress! The buff works best on top of clothing and does not wreck clothes.

~ The buffer generates strong vibrations which are absorbed by your soft tissues.

~Buff away daily aches and pains, as well as help manage pain caused by long term ailments.

~ Customers are getting buffed to help with pain caused by diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and joint pain.

Half Hour Buff                          $20

Includes half hour of buffing of area of your choice*

Monthly Buff Package             $150

Includes 8 half hour sessions